Uniquely You

A wholesome and amusing read intended to welcome a new baby into the world.

This book was originally created as a scrap book baby shower gift for Auntie Evie’s childhood friend. While it started as a fun project, it quickly transformed into an  influential message about resilience, adaptability and independence. The perfect gift  idea, read aloud or in the peaceful silence of nap time, these rhymes and illustrations  bring joy to readers of all ages.

About the Author

Auntie Evie, also known as Evelyn Scott, author and illustrative artist, is a lover of all forms of  creativity. Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley,  she currently resides in Edmonton, with her  rambunctious Great Dane. While Evie isn’t  doodling in the margins of her to-do lists, she  works as a Registered Nurse with a keen interest in healthy child development.

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